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Frequently Asked Questions

JobCentral National Employment Network

One of DirectEmployers Association's primary goals for 2005, as established by its board of directors and member companies at our last annual meeting, was the completion and implementation of the Association's new JobCentral web site.

We are happy to inform all members that this project has been completed and the JobCentral site ( was launched Tuesday, April 26.

What is JobCentral?

JobCentral is the Internet's first public-service employment web site owned and managed by leading U.S. employers through their membership in DirectEmployers Association.

  • A network of 50 state sites and over 6,200 cities and communities --- a true national employment network with a community focus that provides job seekers in all industries and occupations, from non-skilled and entry-level to chief executive officer, up-to-date information about employment and career opportunities;
  • Utilizes DirectEmployers' popular employment search engine for linking employers with experienced personnel and the NACElink national recruiting system to link colleges, students, alumni and employers.

Why Create JobCentral?

JobCentral is the next step in the development of DirectEmployers Association and realization of the Association's original goal to establish an employer-owned, nonprofit national employment network which can accommodate and include all employers and all job seekers - excluding no one due to the high cost of Internet recruiting.

Jobs are an integral part of our economy and will be even more important as we move into the impending era of labor shortages in the workforce. High costs associated with traditional job boards have forced large employers to reduce the number of jobs they post online and have stifled or greatly limited access to the labor market by small and medium size companies. Job seekers also suffer because less than thirty-percent (30%) of employers' jobs are now posted on commercial job boards therefore limiting their access to available employment opportunities.

JobCentral's goals are: 1) to provide job seekers in all industries and occupations, from entry level to chief executive officer, valuable up-to-date information about employment and career opportunities in their community and across the nation and; 2) provide employers in all industries, regardless of size, an affordable, employer-driven, Internet-based system for managing our nation's vast talent resources.

By making their jobs available on a national nonprofit, public service employment network, employers increase their recruiting reach and extend diversity initiatives with a consistent and aggressive program to make employment opportunities available to individuals from all cultures and population segments.

What features does JobCentral have?

In addition to providing a more localized job search, other new features provided by JobCentral include:

  • a resume database;
  • a career weblog for the Association, and the option for member companies to create their own employment-related weblog;
  • integration of the NACElink college recruiting system into the JobCentral user interface;
  • job seeker career tools and information;
  • a career events calendar;
  • outplacement and career transition services for displaced workers;
  • company-to-company networking capabilities between corporate human resource offices;
  • an option for companies to enter single jobs for a nominal fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per posting (higher than the cost-per-job paid by member companies);
  • employers are charged the same fee for job postings to any of the colleges and universities on the fast-growing list of over 500 participating NACElink schools. A discount is offered on jobs posted to multiple schools.

What benefits and advantages do member companies have?

DirectEmployers Association member companies have the following benefits and advantages:

  • Tremendous cost savings. Because JobCentral is owned and managed by employers through a non-profit association, employers save over 90% as compared to traditional job board costs;
  • All jobs from DirectEmployers Association member companies are automatically indexed, updated and posted to both DirectEmployers' search engine and JobCentral from their web site each day;
  • Member company jobs always appear above non-member company jobs on the search results page;
  • Applicants apply directly into your applicant tracking system on your company's web site;
  • Unlimited job postings;
  • No need to manually add and delete job postings;
  • All of your recruiters have access to the JobCentral resume database;
  • Recognition for sponsoring the JobCentral National Employment Network and the NACElink College Recruiting system;
  • Recognition as an employer who actively recruits diverse candidates;
  • Your company logo in rotation on the JobCentral home page;
  • Your company logo in rotation on each state site where your jobs are listed;
  • Your company logo in rotation on the major metropolitan area pages where your jobs are listed;
  • The option to automatically post all of your jobs to America's Job Bank (AJB) to comply with OFCCP requirements;
  • Participate in JobCentral's weblogs or create your company's own weblog;
  • Links to your organization's web site and diversity page;
  • Option to participate in scheduled "Think Tanks" and other employer networking events;
  • Participate as a member or director in the management and direction of the Association to help shape Internet recruiting of tomorrow.

Will DirectEmployers Association member company jobs appear on JobCentral?

Yes. Your jobs will continue to be indexed from your web site and will appear on both the DirectEmployers employment search engine and the new JobCentral site. Job seekers on both sites will continue to be linked to YOUR jobs on YOUR web site.

Will the DirectEmployers search engine still be available online?

Yes. JobCentral will become the primary site for DirectEmployers and will be powered by the DirectEmployers search engine which will continue to be available to job seekers.

Will JobCentral have the same level of privacy and security?

Yes. Since JobCentral is powered by the DirectEmployers search engine, there is no need for applicants to register with third-party job boards. Resumes and other personal information go directly to the employer and can not be intercepted, collected, archived, or sold by third-party vendors. When applicants apply on your web site, or directly to your company, both you and the applicant can rest assured that their resume and other personal information is available only to your company -- the company to which they are applying. No other Internet employment site offers this level of applicant privacy and security.

Any additional costs for DirectEmployers Association member companies?

No. JobCentral is included in the cost of your DirectEmployers membership.

Do you have additional Questions?

Please review the JobCentral site ( and the online video on the JobCentral home page which have been prepared for this release. If you have comments, questions, suggestions or other feedback please contact DirectEmployers Member Services via email at or call Patti Rabiola, VP Member Services at 317-874-9054 or 866-268-6206 (toll free).

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